Budgie Feather Plucking

Feather plucking is a dangerous habit for a budgie to start. Even though it can be painful, a budgie will pull his own feathers out anyway. Apart from the initial pain of pulling the feathers out, this can lead to serious illnesses.

People think that there are several different reasons why a budgie will start pulling his feathers out. He can start doing it through being bored and lonely or possibly from a medical condition.

There is a possibility that the budgie has parasites or a skin condition. If either of these are irritating him, then your budgie may start feather plucking for one of these reasons.

If your budgie does have parasites or a skin condition then you need to treat him for that. Once the irritation is gone he will probably stop pulling his feathers out.

Diet can also lead a budgie to feather plucking. It is reported that the majority of birds that have a feather plucking problem are malnourished in some way. That they are lacking one or more essential vitamins or minerals in their diet. This once again shows the importance of a good diet for your budgie.

Getting to much direct sunlight can also cause irritation that leads to feather plucking. Too much light throughout the day can leave your bird over tired. Budgies that are constantly over tired can start self mutilating. It is worthwhile taking a look at the amount of sunlight that your budgie’s cage gets during the day.

After you have ruled out medical conditions such as diet deficiencies and parasites, then psychological factors should be examined, but not before.

If your budgie is pulling his feathers out from boredom, then creating a more stimulating environment should help him to break the habit. Some new toys, more time out of the cage and more interaction can help to distract him. Introducing a companion bird is also a great way to cheer your budgie up.

Take a look at other things that could be annoying your budgie. Are there a lot of loud noises and movement around the cage that could be scaring him?

Once you figure out what the problem is, you will be able to put it right a lot of the time.

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